The BUNN Difference

From the one-cup MCU to our state-of-the-art trifecta® personal barista machine, BUNN® engineers obsess over developing products that deliver better coffee and tea each time you brew, for years and years to come.

We call it The BUNN Difference. An approach to product development and design that does not settle for anything less than the best-tasting results in your cup. And what we’ve learned in the 50-something years of our existence is there are 3 factors equally important in creating an amazing cup of coffee.

From the quick 3 minutes of our Velocity® brewers to utter control with the trifecta, BUNN machines are timed to ensure that coffee is never bitter, always brilliant.

From internally-heated water tanks to phased heating mechanisms, our engineers develop and refine temperature controls in all our machines to heat water to the optimal temperature range.

Created in the brew funnel as water uniformly showers over coffee, resulting in smooth flavor (We coffee geeks call this uniformity of extraction.)

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